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Focusing on vehicle IGBT and expanding related fields | exclusive interview with taoshaoyong, general manager of Anhui Ruidi Microelectronics Co., Ltd

RedPower RedPower 2022-05-27 12 753

The 5th China International new energy vehicle power semiconductor market and key technology forum of psic2022 will be held in Wuhu, Anhui Province from July 13 to 15, 2022. As the general naming unit of psic2022, taoshaoyong, general manager of Anhui Ruidi Microelectronics Co., Ltd., accepted the exclusive interview of China power electronics industry network.


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Reporter  Ruidi micro is mainly engaged in igbt/sic chip design, power module R & D, packaging and testing. In recent years, with the promotion of national policies, what changes have taken place in the business layout?

Taoshaoyong  The positioning of Ruidi micro is the R & D, manufacturing and sales of vehicle IGBT products. In recent years, the core business layout of new energy vehicles has not changed. At the same time, from this year, we will increase product R & D and market investment in photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage, charging and power quality related fields.

Reporter   What is the current progress of the company's two phases of projects? Has the first phase achieved the set goals? How about the release of production capacity and the main supporting conditions of shipment volume after production? When will the phase II project start?

Taoshaoyong   Our phase I project is progressing smoothly, and the production line capacity has reached the expected annual capacity target of supporting 600000 new energy vehicles. At present, our products have been successfully imported into two Tier1 and will be mass produced this year. In view of the continuous and vigorous growth in the demand for new energy vehicles, our phase II project will be launched in advance in 2023 and put into operation in stages.


Reporter   With the development of the third generation semiconductor technology, what progress has the company made in silicon carbide mos/sbd chip design, power module packaging and testing, and system application solutions? Whether there are mass-produced products and how about their application?

Taoshaoyong   The R & D project of Ruidi micro SiC mos/sbd chip has been launched in 2021. At present, the preliminary test and verification of the first generation technology platform has been completed, and the development project of the second generation technology platform will be launched in 2022. Our silicon carbide module has started the pre research and evaluation of various schemes, some schemes have entered the functional test stage, and the research and investment planning of new process equipment in the production line have also been started. In terms of system application, it is currently mainly developed jointly with Chery group 800V high-voltage platform models, and it is expected to start the import verification in 2023.

Reporter   The key layout of Ruidi micro includes new energy markets such as electric vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and charging piles, while taking into account power quality and industrial control needs. Which markets are more suitable for using silicon carbide devices? What are the application challenges (specific difficulties)? How do you meet these challenges with your customers?

Taoshaoyong   At present, the main demand for silicon carbide comes from the fields of electric vehicles, photovoltaic and charging. After the technology is more mature and the cost is reduced to a reasonable range, it will be gradually extended to other fields. SiC MOS drive design, reliability and service life are still the pain points in application. At present, Ruidi micro has launched in-depth cooperation and joint development with Chery automotive platform and external drive solution partners.

Reporter    Recently, some automobile enterprises have been using silicon carbide modules as inverters. Is it possible for ruidiwei's products to enter the supply chain? What problems still need to be solved?

Taoshaoyong   Ruidi micro SiC module will first enter Chery Automobile Supply Chain, and then gradually carry out cooperation with other vehicle manufacturers and system manufacturers. At present, the main problems faced by the industry are the supply bottleneck of wafer substrate materials, streaming resources and finished chip products.

Reporter   In terms of wafer manufacturing, what is the level of the process of redmicro?

Taoshaoyong   Ruidi micro IGBT chip adopts the latest micro groove technology in the industry, and its performance parameters have been relatively close to the latest products of major international manufacturers, and it is at the leading level among domestic peers.


Reporter  From 2019 to now, for more than three years, how do you summarize the development and innovation of Ruidi micro? What unforgettable experiences can you share? What is the future development plan?

Taoshaoyong   As an innovative enterprise, by virtue of its own R & D, production and industry resource advantages, Ruidi micro can develop chips and modules with better performance according to customer needs, adopt independent R & D chips to reduce product costs, and provide customers with highly competitive products and comprehensive technical solutions. Since the company settled in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, it has provided a strong guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise with the help of the relevant industries and talent supporting policies of the provincial, municipal and district governments (such as: solving the needs of the company's factory building preparation and development, guiding capital injection, making use of the industrial chain length system, industrial support policies such as "four free and one service", talent introduction subsidy policies, etc.). According to the company's future strategic development plan, we will spend 6-8 years to build the company into a large-scale enterprise that meets the requirements for listing on the main board, and strive to achieve the core pillar enterprise of provincial, municipal and even national new energy vehicle IGBT products!

Reporter   The 5th China International new energy vehicle power semiconductor market and key technology forum psic2022 was held in Wuhu. Why did Ruidi Wei always name this forum? How will you use this opportunity to demonstrate your technical advantages? What do you expect from psic2022?

Taoshaoyong   After three years of accumulation, Ruidi micro has preliminarily opened up the key industrial chain links such as chip design, module design and packaging manufacturing. Its core products have been successfully put into mass production on many Chery new energy vehicle platforms. It is hoped that through this meeting, Ruidi micro will show its current achievements and future industrial layout planning to upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain and colleagues in all circles, so as to achieve closer and smoother cooperation in the future.

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