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Psic2022, known as the wind vane for the technological development of China's new energy vehicle power semiconductor industry, was successfully held in Wuhu

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"I love Duchi Prefecture in the poem and say that Wuhu is a winning Tour". Wuhu, Anhui Province, described by the poet, now has a beautiful scenery - the power semiconductor industry of new energy vehicles is rising in the capital of new energy vehicle manufacturing!

On July 14, 2022, it was jointly sponsored by psic2022 organizing committee, Asian Electric Vehicle Association, Wuhu high tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Wuhu new energy vehicle industry base, Wuhu new energy vehicle industry association, ieeeies China and China power electronics industry network, The Fifth China International new energy vehicle power semiconductor market and Key Technology Forum (psic2022), known as the wind vane for the development of new energy vehicle power semiconductor technology industry by the industry, was grandly held in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Nearly 400 people from the upstream and downstream of the whole vehicle, electric drive, power semiconductor and other industrial chains gathered at the Phoenix Hotel, Longhu country garden, Yijiang District, Wuhu City, Discuss the future of power semiconductor technology for new energy vehicles at the two-day meeting.


Leading enterprises gather to help Wuhu Power semiconductor industry rise

Psic2022 is an important conference to promote the application and development of power semiconductors in the new energy vehicle industry. With the theme of "integrating 'innovation' · helping 'double carbon'", this technology forum focuses on the industrial chain of power semiconductor basic materials, test equipment, devices, electric drives and complete vehicles, aiming to create an innovative pattern of supply chain and promote the sustainable development of new energy vehicles and power semiconductor industry. The general title of the forum is Wuhu high tech Industrial Development Zone and Anhui Ruidi Microelectronics Co., Ltd; Diamond sponsor is saijing Asia Pacific semiconductor technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd; In addition, nine companies including Anhui Xinta Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Kelvin measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. are sponsored by gold medals.


The conference was hosted by Hao Haiyang of China power electronics industry network, He said at the opening ceremony: "In recent years, Wuhu has thoroughly implemented the innovation driven development strategy, and made every effort to promote the Clustered Development of microelectronics and the third generation semiconductor industry chain. By focusing on the leader, building a platform, promoting incubation, and gathering talents, it has gathered more than 10 enterprises, including Ruidi microelectronics, Xinta electronics, Changfei advanced semiconductor, etc. the semiconductor industry has continued to grow in scale, forming a whole industry chain covering materials, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, application modules, and sales 。 With the unprecedented support of the state, taking advantage of the east wind of this technology forum, it not only improves the level of collaborative innovation in the field of power semiconductors, but also provides an excellent opportunity for the rise and industrial development of Wuhu semiconductor industry to seek cooperation. "

Build an intelligent networked automobile industry cluster with both scale and market competitiveness

The leaders and guests participating in this technical forum are: Wang Min, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the high tech Zone, deputy secretary of the Yijiang district Party committee and head of the district; Academician Chen Qingquan, founding president of the world electric vehicle Association, President of the Asian Electric Vehicle Association and President of the psic2022 Conference; Taoshaoyong, general manager of Anhui Ruidi Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, deputy director of the management committee, deputy secretary of the Yijiang district Party committee District head Wang Min said in his speech: "As one of the first batch of strategic new industrial bases in Anhui Province, in recent years, Wuhu new energy automobile industrial base has formed an intelligent Internet connection and new energy automobile industrial cluster with a certain scale and market competitiveness. Wuhu continues to improve the venture capital system and mechanism, fully promote new energy and intelligent Internet connection automobile as the first industry, create a hot land for investment and Entrepreneurship with a high-quality business environment, and support entrepreneurship and innovation development. This forum will further promote Innovation and core competitiveness of Wuhu automobile industry. We welcome industry participants to invest in Wuhu and seek common development. "


President of psic2022 conference Chenqingquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said in his speech: "Electric vehicles are the largest market today, and will be like this in the next 20 years. Despite the shortage of chips and the continuous rise in the prices of key raw materials, the sales volume soared to more than 6.4 million in 2021, and all major automobile markets grew well. China is still the largest electric vehicle market, and Europe is catching up. New energy vehicles cannot be separated from high-performance power semiconductors, and a new generation of semiconductor materials has become an important prerequisite for technological breakthroughs. No In recent years, power semiconductor devices will promote the high-quality development of energy related industries with higher performance, higher efficiency, lower loss and cost, and help achieve the dual carbon goal. "


Taoshaoyong, general manager of Anhui Ruidi Microelectronics Co., Ltd., said in his speech: "China's automotive industry is facing a rare opportunity of secondary transformation. New energy and intelligent networked vehicles have become the general trend, and the new four modernizations of parts and components will become the mainstream of the industry. The key hardware carrying intelligent networked connections is power semiconductors and chips, which have long been the key resources for the development of the new energy industry. Ruidi micro is based in Wuhu, focusing on the layout of new energy such as electric vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage, charging piles, etc Source market, taking into account the needs of power quality and industrial control, is committed to becoming an excellent domestic power semiconductor manufacturer. As a strategic emerging enterprise, we rely on our own research and development, production experience and rich industry resources to develop chips and modules with better performance according to customer needs, adopt independent research and development chips to reduce product costs, and provide customers with highly competitive products and comprehensive technical solutions. "


The big guy came on stage and was wonderful

In the theme report, representatives from scientific research institutes, semiconductor enterprises and the automotive industry spoke freely and expressed their views. The topics of the two-day report include:

Chenqingquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, "challenges of power semiconductors in new energy vehicles under the digital economy";

Xiaoxiuguang, deputy chief engineer of Anhui Ruidi microelectronics, "high density grooved gate IGBT chip technology for electric vehicles";

Hang Mengxun, head of Chery new energy electric drive system department, "Application of electric drive system and its power devices for new energy vehicles";

Wang qunjing, Professor of School of electrical engineering and automation, Anhui University, "development status of 800V SiC motor controller and its related impact on the industry";

Peng Peng, vice president of Huawei digital energy intelligent electric product line, "development trend and key technologies of 'kV high voltage' in power domain";

Ni Weijiang, chairman of Anhui core tower, "Application of silicon carbide power devices in new energy vehicles";

"Research on junction temperature monitoring technology of power devices" by wenxuhui, researcher director of electric vehicle Professional Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Zhang Jing, R & D director of hollys electronics, "conductor.ultra silver free AMB silicon nitride substrate - a cost-effective solution for vehicle scale power modules";

Lingxiaoyuan, asmpt marketing manager, "ASM's overall solution for power semiconductor silver sintering process";

Lu jiangeng, director of Western Research Institute of Xuantian Central Research Institute of science and technology, "semiconductor sealing and testing automation intelligent equipment and next-generation logistics system";

Zhang Yuming, Dean of Xidian Wuhu Research Institute, School of microelectronics, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, "new progress in vehicle scale silicon carbide devices".

The topics of the report on the second day of the technical forum include:

Cai Wei, foreign academician and professor of Harbin Institute of technology, Russian Academy of engineering, "several motor system problems to be solved in the application of SiC controller";

Sven, chief operating officer of swisssem, a Swiss subsidiary of saijing technology, "innovation and breakthrough of industrial and vehicle specification IGBT";

"IGBT (IPM) welding and cleaning process solution" by long Zeyun, Asia Pacific Technical Manager of oufantai chemical (Shanghai);

Cui Huimeng, general manager of chenglian Kaida technology, "welding process scheme for vehicle power module";

Wu Tong, technical market leader and chief silicon carbide expert of ONSEMI China Automotive team, "how SiC changes the future of electric vehicles";

Liu Bo, chief engineer of the electric drive development department of krypton intelligent technology, "application and trend of power semiconductors in new energy vehicles";

Tian Tiancheng, business director and senior engineer of boschman China in the Netherlands, "Application of advanced system level sintering (large area sintering) technology in the third generation semiconductor power module";

Duanjianlin, general manager of Shenzhen NACO electronics, "failure analysis and detection means of power devices";

Norbert, head of electric vehicle sales in Greater China of symcon Electronics (Zhuhai), "3D power module with unique terminal design, double-sided sintered SiC chip";

Chenshuxian, technical director of Shenzhen dadihe Electric Co., Ltd., "development and application of a new generation controller based on SiC".

Collaborative innovation in the field of enabling power semiconductors

Today, Wuhu is deeply implementing the innovation driven development strategy to fully promote the cluster development of microelectronics and the third generation semiconductor industry chain. The scale of the semiconductor industry is growing, forming a whole industry chain covering materials, design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, application modules and sales.

With the unprecedented support of the state, this technology forum not only improves the level of collaborative innovation in the field of power semiconductors, but also provides an excellent opportunity for the rise and development of Wuhu semiconductor industry to seek cooperation.


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