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Application Engineer
Education level:Bachelor degree or above Hands-on background:3-4 years experience Professional requirements:Electronic information Number of recruits:5 Salary:0.8-1W/Month Address:Wuhu Date:2020-08-25

Post qualification:
1. Familiar with analog circuit development.
2. Be familiar with the working principle of IGBT and MOS drive.
3. Understand the characteristics of IGBT, MOS and other devices.
4. Have more than 3 years of relevant development experience at IGBT application board level or system level.
5. Master the application and problem analysis of oscilloscope, probe, power supply, analog load and other laboratory equipment.
6. Master Protel, Altium designer, Orcad and other circuit and PCB design software, and be able to complete PCB development independently.
7. Be familiar with the specifications and applications of various electronic parts.
8. Strong communication and learning skills.
9. Have strong teamwork spirit.
10. Have strong professional research spirit.
11. Have good moral character.
12. The working place is Wuhu City, Anhui Province, and can accept work in other places.

Job responsibilities:
1. Formulation of IGBT application and test scheme.
2. Development of test board matched with IGBT Driver.
3. Test and evaluation of IGBT / FRD chip.
4. Discovery and improvement of IGBT application problems.
5 assist customers to solve application problems.

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