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Sail to the vast blue ocean and strive to build Wuhu`s "head industry"!

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"The development of new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry is particularly important to Wuhu! We should recognize the situation, seize opportunities, adopt a series of policies and measures, gather more resource elements, and make it a 'dominant industry' and 'leading industry' in Wuhu." On December 11, at the 32nd chat breakfast meeting, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee said so one way ago.


Group photo after breakfast

When you take advantage of the potential, you can't lose it. " How should we view the development status, existing advantages, existing problems and future plans of Wuhu new energy and intelligent networked vehicle industry? What impact will this industrial "blue ocean" bring to economic and social development?

"The general trend of the world is vast" -- look at the fresh track

First read a set of data from the macro level:

As of September this year, the number of new energy vehicles in China has reached 6.78 million, and the production and sales volume has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years; The market penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 17.3%, which is expected to achieve the medium - and long-term planning goal of "new energy vehicle sales will reach 20% of the total new vehicle sales in 2025".

Based on Wuhu, the data is also worth a Book:

Our city now has 311 Enterprises above Designated Size in the new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry; From January to October this year, the city's automobile output was 694200, a year-on-year increase of 94%, and the output of new energy vehicles was 62700, a year-on-year increase of 132%.


General manager of Wuhu Xiongshi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Xuebin

From far to near, the "penetration" and "rise" of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles have become unstoppable. Wu Xuebin, general manager of Wuhu Xiongshi automobile, believes that the intelligent Internet connection will be the real "competition" of the new energy automobile track. It will quickly drive the changes in the concept and category of automobile parts, such as core parts such as power semiconductors, as well as industrial chain components such as computing platform, sensors, lidar, on-board control system and operation control platform.


Fan Li, chairman of Jiefeng Automotive Power System Co., Ltd.

Fan Li, chairman of Jiefeng power, believes that only by realizing intelligent Internet connection can cars be deeply integrated with smart energy, smart transportation and smart city, from a simple means of transportation to an important carrier to promote the energy revolution, information revolution and transportation revolution, and then produce a huge driving force for industrial development and urban renewal.

One way ago deeply recognized the views of entrepreneurs. He said that driven by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, new energy and intelligent networked vehicles are becoming the strategic direction of the development of the global automobile industry. In the 14th five year plan, our province will build a world-class industrial cluster of new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles, strive to achieve a production scale of 3 million vehicles by 2025, and the local matching rate of parts and components will exceed 70%. Wuhu has a solid foundation for the development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles. We should firmly grasp the industrial development trend, see the new track, strengthen the strategic direction, break through key areas, actively build more competitive industrial clusters and build a better industrial ecology.

"The only way to improve martial arts in the world is not to break it" -- keep an eye on innovation

It is undeniable that there is still a gap between China's new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry and the world-class level in the field of core technology, key parts and basic software represented by on-board operating system, especially the shortage of vehicle specification chips, dependence on import of some materials, insufficient application scenarios, immature automatic driving technology and other problems, which need to be effectively solved.


General manager of Anhui Ruidi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Tao Shaoyong

Tao Shaoyong, manager of Ruidi microelectronics, said that his company has always attached great importance to the research and development of new core parts, committed to growing into an excellent domestic power semiconductor enterprise, and made more contributions to the industrial development with "strong core and solid soul". He hopes to get greater financial support. One way ago, tell him that you and your team can do scientific research and service with your heart and leave it to us!


Zhou Dengfeng, head of Chery Anchuan Electric Drive System Co., Ltd

Chery Anchuan Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. is the R & D and production base of vehicle high-end electric drive system jointly established by Chery and Anchuan motor. Zhou Dengfeng, the person in charge, suggested that focusing on the layout of new energy vehicle industry, continue to introduce high-quality enterprises in upstream and downstream supply chain, build a strategic and overall industrial chain, and improve the stability and competitiveness of industrial chain supply chain.

One way ago, he said, "only fast martial arts in the world can not be broken". The key to seizing opportunities is to make efforts in "seizing". In the face of the strong development momentum of emerging industries and the increasing market demand, it is urgent to strengthen the research on the key core technologies of intelligent networked vehicles. It is necessary for the automotive industry to work together with ICT, integrated circuit and other industries, focus on vehicle specification chips, complex environment perception, intelligent operation system, etc., work together to solve key problems for a long time, and continuously improve the level of autonomy and controllability. Only by taking out the persistent scientific research spirit of "fan Shuang is full of painstaking efforts and sprinkles on Qianfeng autumn leaf pill", can it be the great task of innovation leader.

"The world's talents gather together in a wide range" -- identify Qianlima

At the breakfast meeting, entrepreneurs agreed that building a high-end composite talent team with deep professional knowledge background and deep understanding of software defined vehicles is the key to the success of Wuhu new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry. How to make talents fall in love with Wuhu needs in-depth consideration.


Hua lanchao, head of continental automotive body electronic system (Wuhu) Co., Ltd.

Hua lanchao, head of continental automotive body electronic system (Wuhu) Co., Ltd., was deeply touched by this. He said that over the years, the development of mainland cars in Wuhu has been so good. The key lies in the construction of Wuhu's business environment. Optimizing the business environment includes respecting and caring for talents. He suggested doing a good job in talent recruitment with strategic vision and systematic thinking& nbsp;


Xu Lianmeng, founder and CEO of Wuhu Mengbo Technology Co., Ltd

Xu Lianmeng, founder and CEO of Wuhu Mengbo technology, has been doing business in Beijing and other places for a long time. He put forward an idea of playing the "emotion card", that is, organizing some leading people to publicize Wuhu talent policy in the situation of "flash" in crowded places such as Wuhu high-speed railway station, and attract more talents to choose Wuhu through social media.

Wu Xuebin, general manager of Xiongshi automobile, praised Wuhu's "ziyunying talent plan". He said that when traveling abroad, many entrepreneurs mentioned the plan and thought that this policy integrated creativity was very ingenious and helpful to attract talents.

After listening to your speeches, Shan Xiangqian said that the key to promoting the high-quality development of new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry is to focus on market demand, promote technological breakthroughs, and accelerate the innovative application of digital technologies such as "big cloud mobile intelligence chain". The premise and foundation of a series of work need to rely on talents.


Shan Qianqian, Secretary of the municipal Party committee

One way ago, Wuhu's talent policy is highly competitive in the same cities, but we believe that attracting and retaining talents is a comprehensive and systematic work. We should not only "attract" people with feelings, but also "rob" people with policies, but also "retain" people on the platform. After talents come to Wuhu, they really feel that this is a livable city. There are many jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities here. Only when more talents gather in Wuhu can the development of cities and enterprises be supported by talents; With the development of cities and enterprises, there is more room for imagination for talent growth. We are happy to see the three form a positive virtuous circle and truly realize symbiosis and win-win!

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